ICTBIT Core Values

The WOW Effect

to provide the best service possible, which differentiates us from the competition. Through personal initiative, attention to details and a strive for excellence, both in our personal life and career, will WOW our clients, thus ensuring that the client will return to us time and again  

Create a Familial Environment 

Create an environment in which we feel kindship to those around us, and are an integral part of our work. An environment where we can be open minded, honest and have no fear to express ourselves, nor to make mistakes.

Like one big Family, we share, have fun and evolve together, during and after work hours.

Initiate a Change

We believe that each individual has this never-ending passion for learning and creating a change, whether on a personal level or at work. We encourage brainstorming and open innovation, which is vital to the continued evolution of our employees and the company at large.


Enthusiasm, Boldness and Out-of-the-box Thinking

We believe that out-of-the-box thinking will guarantee satisfaction, interest and innovations, both for our clientele and ourselves. 

It is from our shared experience that we know that there are no magic solutions, and in order to achieve creative ones, we need to be both bold and enthusiastic:

Bold – leave our comfort zones behind and charge ahead

Enthusiastic – have the passion and ambition needed the get the job done.


Be yourself, but Strive to Learn More

We know that each individual in our family has acquired unique knowledge and experiences during his life, and therefore we are always open to learn new things, with great admiration and respect. 

The understanding that we are not all-knowing, allows us to be both humble and attentive to ideas and knowledge that will enrich our own lives.