Network Engineer

Job Description

  • Expert in Network infrastructure and information security

  • Examining and analyzing needs in the field of network and information security systems, examining technological solutions and recommending optimal solutions for cost-benefit and system-wide considerations, participation in system analysis meetings and solution building.

  • Writing architectural characterization documents (HLD / LLD), characterizing requirements and sharing in technological characterization

  • Working in an existing network and information security team and providing ongoing support in the company's communications and information security infrastructure


  1. Proven experience in implementing various infrastructure projects, including assimilation of infrastructure solutions in various fields such as:

    • Hands on control in communication equipment (Cisco, Juniper) - a must

    • Experience with Cisco DC product family (Nexus 2K / 5K / 7K / 9K) - Required

    • Experience with following protocols: OSPF, MPLS, BGP, IPVPN, VRF, HSRP, VRRP

    • Experience with information security products: Websence, Checkpoint Firewalls, Fortinet, F5 FW - an advantage

    • Familiarity with F5 Load Balance components

    • Familiarity with the Tiffin system - an advantage

  2. Experience in teamwork, high self-learning ability, and multi-tasking.

  3. Civil security clearance - an advantage

Cloud Consultant

Job Requirements and skills

  • Experienced IT specialist.

  • In-depth knowledge with VMware infrastructure.

  • Familiar with VMware vSAN.

  • Familiar with VMware NSX.

  • Familiar working with different server hardware vendors.

  • Familiar working with HCI solutions and architectures .

  • Experienced troubleshooting large scaled environments.

  • Experienced working with VMware vRealize automation.

  • Experienced with private, public and hybrid cloud architectures.

  • Experienced working with DRS and HA mechanisms.

  • At least two years experience in a large organization.

  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP). (advantage)

ICT Consultant in large technological project

Job Description

  • Infrastructure expert for consulting and consulting in projects for deployment and migration to the cloud environment.

  • Characterization of IT infrastructure and application infrastructure for compliance

  • Management and integration of all components


  1. Affinity and familiarity with IT processes in Cloud environments

  2. Knowledge of operational processes in IT environment

  3. The ability to lead a project in a matrixed manner

  4. The ability to build a Gantt and to monitor and manage ongoing progress against multiple factors and multiple tasks

  5. Ability to write characterization documents, summary documents and operating instructions

  6. Control and follow-up overall project processes

  7. Ability to manage project resources

  8. Ability to present to commanders

  9. Proven experience (at least 3 years) in leading large scale IT projects (at least 2-3 projects required)

  10. Ability to learn new technology fields

  11. PMP certification - advantage

  12. Managing project resources, managing, integrating and transporting task teams from different fields

  13. Writing project documents (CDR,PDR, RFI, RFP, SOW, etc.)

  14. Civil security clearance - an advantage

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