Collaboration Systems (or Unified Communications System) securely integrate voice, video, and other collaborative data applications into intelligent network communications solutions. These systems, which include IP telephony, voice messaging, rich-media conferencing, IP video broadcasting and streaming, and customer CRM solutions, take full advantage of all of the power, resiliency, and flexibility of an IP network.

Those unified communications systems are primarily designed to eliminate the need for buying and managing several communications technologies to collaborate and exchange information within an organization or among peers. A UCS is a combination of hardware, software, network and other related solutions.

UCS system solutions vary from vendor to vendor but they might include:


  • Email 

  • Telephone 

  • Video communication/streaming 

  • Internetworks trunks 

  • Mobile/wireless communication

ICTBit professional team offers organizational collaboration services. our services include:


  • Design and implementation of IP telephone and Unified Communication systems as required by the customer (Establishment of CISCO Unified Communications Manager based systems for large enterprises and ASTERISK-based systems for SMB organizations)

  • Accompanying the process of migration from existing systems to a new system

  • Specification, design and construction of video conference systems

  • Radio over IP (RoIP) system architecture and integration