Networking Professional Services

ICTbit offer professional services that can help customers to improve their business outcomes and reach goals.


Our consulting services provide solutions and support to a range of clients across various sectors (public, government, security and financial), businesses and organizations of any size or scale.

ICTbit take care of every step in the architecture/network design process, from finding out organizational needs and matching them with the right architecture or equipment or solution that solves specific operational problems.


By starting to understand customer business through a thorough auditing process followed by talking to the customer and his employees, ICTbit guarantee to design an IT network that delivers the very best services and performance from both an internal and external perspective.

ICTbit are versed in all aspects of network design including LAN and WAN infrastructure, server platforms, firewalls, storage environments and related third-party applications and hardware.

ICTbit specializes in data communication with experts who have both experience and certifications in the field. The company is committed to providing the best professional knowledge objectively. The company has extensive experience in designing and planning communication networks with devices and platforms with a variety of leading manufacturers and sizes (Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, HP Radware, F5, Brocade and more).


ICTbit provides a range of expert services:


  • Design and Engineering Advanced Communication Systems

  • Project Management

  • Writing project specification documents (HLD / LLD)

  • Performing POC with client

  • Acceptance testing plan (ATP).

  • Specification, writing and management of public\ private client tenders for networking upgrading of the organization, including testing proposals and supervising the implementation of the project by the winners.

  • Provide dedicated solutions

  • Design and establishment of multi-platform communication systems, manufacturers and protocols.

  • Planning and performing experiments, tests and automation


IT infrastructures survey service:

ICTBIT offers its customers a comprehensive survey of IT & information security infrastructures which includes a review of the following infrastructures:

  • Network infrastructure (LAN + DC, WAN)

  • Information security infrastructure (FW, WAF, DMZ environments and more)

  • Computer infrastructure

    • Virtualization (VMware)

    • Microsoft infrastructure (such as AD, DNS, DC, etc.)

    • Storage infrastructures and DBs

The final products that provided by ICTBit to the customer at the end of the survey will be as following:

  • Mapping of existing IT infrastructure and information security

  • A document describing an existing situation IT infrastructure and information security in the face of information security threats that will be defined by the company's information security expert.

  • A document describing the recommendations for improving the existing situation according to priorities and considerations of the cost of benefits.

  • Executive presentation to present the survey's findings and recommendations.

  • Cost estimate to improvement processes of the IT infrastructure according to the recommendations in survey document.